Pictures of Then and Now
The Honor Roll, 1944
The Yankee Doodle hangout
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Oren Roesler studies while Melvin Bernstein 
chats with Miss Joseph


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of some of us in earlier days -
photo donated by Fred Beutler
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Want to see a picture of Miss Pills' Lake Bluff home room class - 5th Grade (Christmas1936?)
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 found the original of this among my photographs. It was published in the 1943 Commperdome. Click on it to see who they are.
Fred Beutler sent this in with a note: "Here's a picture taken on graduation day.  You'll recognize Grant (Smiley) Rahn.  The others are Jim Heller, Joan Winter and myself."
My favorite view, taken in the summer of 1943
Same view, taken September 21, 2001
On November 11, 2001, Karen de Hartog of Shorewood Communications/Community Outreach emailed me:
The picture that was taken of the high school this past September [2001] was taken the day of our memorial service for the victims of Sept. 11.  After our very moving assembly (the kids left the auditorium in absolute silence which was a first!) students were encouraged to write or draw to express their feelings and to hang their notes and drawings on the snow fence in front of the school for others to read. You can see the fence in the picture.

More pictures coming in time....  Do you have any you'd like to contribute?